What to expect at a hospital birth

When you go with midwifery care you most often have the option of having a hospital birth or a home birth. Here's what you can expect at a hospital birth!

When you go with midwifery care you most often have the option of having a hospital birth or a home birth.

If you are considered a high-risk pregnancy, have had previous complications during delivery, or choose not to have a home birth you will have a hospital birth.

Thrive Midwifery is available to help families who choose to deliver at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, and as a family who’s about to deliver a baby in a hospital, you may have a few questions about what your experience could look like!

What does a hospital birth look like?

Each birthing room is set up with a bathroom that has a shower for you to labour in. A few of the rooms have tubs. There are comfortable beds that accommodate the use of a squat bar, and are easy to raise up and down for easy access in and out when your body feels you need it! The rooms are equipped with dim lighting, soothing colours on the walls, and all of the medical necessities available, but often times hidden in armoires.

It is possible to bring things from home to make the hospital room feel as inviting as possible in order to provide you with the most comfort. These things can include: your own gown to labor in, art to put on the walls, electric candles, essential oils, music, and your own pillow and comforter. Decide what could be useful for you when you’re in labour and have these items ready to be brought to the hospital.

Unless stipulated by your care provider you are allowed to have as many support people in your room as you find comfortable while you have a hospital birth. There are chairs provided for your support team to have a break when they are able to, as well. There are sofas for your support person(s) to sleep on after baby is welcomed to the world. You will most likely get to stay in the birthing room until you are released from the hospital, so your possessions can stay safe in a closet.

Many people choosing to have a hospital birth find solace in the fact that there are more pain relief options available than at home. There are also more medical professionals present, ranging in all fields from pediatrics to surgical teams.

hospital birth

While hospital birthing rooms try to imitate a home-like environment as much as possible, there are certain elements that will be highly hospital like:
-There are lights on in the hallways for the nurses at all times. Your room will have switches for the lights, but outside of your room will not.
-You and your baby will be checked on a regular basis.
-You will need to adhere to hospital policy; for example, you will not be able to cosleep with your baby or walk around the halls with your baby in arms.
-You will be required to prove a safe car seat is installed in your vehicle before you are discharged from the hospital.
-You will have almost immediate access to a nurse who can help address any concerns that you have or can help assist you with things like feeding baby.

While Abbotsford Hospital no longer does hospital tours, you can go online and get an online tour (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKHEYkm3EK4) so that you and your support team can become acquainted with the facility and make your birthing experience the best one possible.