We are pleased to be in partnership with the following:

Grow Midwifery

Grow Midwifery is our sister midwifery group. Grow and Thrive Midwifery Groups share a passion in providing deep and compassionate support for your childbearing journey. With a commitment to both evidence-based care and a personal approach, both practices rest easy with the knowledge that your needs will be well served with either practice. Both Grow Midwifery and Thrive Midwifery serve the Abbotsford and Chilliwack area and have privileges at ARH and CGH hospitals. Grow Midwifery’s clinic location is out of Chilliwack, and Thrive Midwifery’s location is out of Abbotsford.

Refinery House

Thrive Midwifery is thrilled to be able to partner with The Refinery House, a health and beauty collective. The Refinery House’s mission statement is “about becoming better at being who we already are”. We couldn’t agree more. Imagine! There is nothing about you that needs to change, it is all about letting your true self be seen and to unfold. Much in the same way parents need support to thrive, so do small businesses, and so we are so pleased to be able work together collaboratively to provide welcome services to our community and to support each other in our growth.


It is a great honour to be able to express to you that Thrive Midwifery and RePose therapy (RePose therapy also being partnered with The Refinery House) are working together to be able to bring to you some very exciting collaborative processes to help you prepare for your childbearing journey with awareness, mindfulness, and compassion.

Some of our future plans include:

  • Prenatal yoga + childbirth preparation. Childbirth, obviously, takes place in the body. As such, an exploration of your relationship to your body, and your relationship to being IN your body is an essential part of prenatal preparation. Using yoga and other experiential processes, we will explore these themes and more.
  • Group prenatal care with a focus on preparing emotionally for childbirth. Small group discussions on a variety of topics to be facilitated by one of RePose’s counsellors. Your midwife will also be there to attend to your clinical needs.
  • Postpartum Groups. Have your clinic appointment and have an opportunity to meet new mothers in a safe environment. Discussions on a variety of topics relevant to new parents to be facilitated by one of RePose’s counsellors. Your midwife will be there to discuss any physical concerns and check in with both you and your baby.
  • Experienced a particularly traumatic birth? Previous traumatic experiences finding their way into your day to day life since being pregnant? Danielle B-K and a number of her associates are trained in EMDR, a specific and very effective approach at dealing with complex trauma. With a fundamental belief that you already have what is inside you for healing, all therapists at RePose meet you where you at, and with care and attention help you navigate your relationship with your self, others, and the world. At Thrive Midwifery, we recognize that as we are not therapists, we will not always be best suited to provide the emotional support that you need, and will refer as necessary. As one of the core values at RePose is to make counselling accessible to all, there are different price points available to meet your needs.
  • It is the sad reality that with pregnancy can sometimes come loss. We are cognizant of this, and are exploring how best to support families who have experienced loss (whether currently pregnant or not).