Entering my journey into motherhood lead me to Carolyn. She was knowledgeable, caring and exuded such calming and nurturing energy. She was very unbiased when giving me my informed decisions. She helped change the way I viewed birth, that it wasn’t this set in stone event and that it varied from woman to woman. The care I received leading up to delivery was fantastic. Not only did she prepare me with information, she helped me prepare emotionally for my upcoming journey. Carolyn is an excellent listener, she takes the time to really understand what you are saying and shows a great deal of respect. I looked forward to every appointment.During my delivery Carolyn showed great confidence in me. She also noticed something off, and we made the decision to transfer to the hospital. Circumstances had it that my birth would not go as I had dreamed of. However every single assistance I received during my labour was discussed and I chose whether or not I wanted it. Carolyn remained by my side and cared for me and my baby well after the rest of the hospital staff left. She showed great confidence, tenderness and compassion. During a short NICU stay Carolyn would check on me and my emotional health daily. She would sit, listen and build confidence in what I had accomplished. My post partum care was excellent as well. She looked after us and gave me confidence in my new role as a mom. If I hadn’t moved, I would have Carolyn for each of my baby journeys. In fact, while searching for a new midwife, I mourned Carolyn. It broke my heart I couldn’t have her by my side. She has had a large impact on my life and I am forever grateful that we had shared my firstborn’s journey. – Kylie

A sacred space: When first meeting with Carolyn as my midwife, it became clear that our appointments were not just time in her schedule. What she was creating during our time together was a sacred and safe space with undivided and intuitive attention. Within this space, there was no rush to get through. Instead, she dwelled with me as a mother to be; she allowed me to ask questions from the heart. Together, we explored scenarios and I was given educated options. It did not take long for me to become comfortable with the person I was to trust: the person who would help me bring my child into the world safely. I am so very thankful to have had her as my midwife. – Becky

After a traumatic birth with my first born, I knew that I wanted a different experience with my second baby. One where I felt empowered, in control (as much as one can be in labour & birth) and respected. I found Carolyn, and instantly knew upon meeting her, that she was the support that I was looking for. With her calm, grounded, stoic nature, and endless well knowledge, I felt very cared for and safe throughout my pregnancy and birth experience. I always felt like I had choices, and she made sure to empower and educate me, within any of the questions and concerns I had. The birth with my second, was a very calm and healing one, and I’m quite certain it was because my birth support included Carolyn. Once I was expecting my third baby, I was excited to return to her care again. It was a very difficult pregnancy, and she made sure that myself and baby were looked after well. I had the most peaceful, grounded home birth, and I would repeat that birth many times more if I could. I’m so thankful that I’ve had the privilege of knowing Carolyn throughout my pregnancies and birth experiences, and highly recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing midwife. – Cat

For as long as I could remember I’ve felt fear about giving birth– so much so, that I was convinced that I wanted to adopt because I didn’t want to experience pain. Prior to conceiving, I spent lot of time exploring these fears, and felt much more free and empowered to bring a new life into this world through and within my body. Still, when I found out I was pregnant I experienced a mix of both tremendous joy and worry. From the moment I met Carolyn, I sensed I was in very capable hands. Throughout our check-ins during my pregnancy, she held herself with confidence, gentleness and authenticity. She consistently affirmed my intuition, and my ability to decide what is best for myself and for my baby. Carolyn aptly answered all of my questions, and talked me through any of my concerns. Listening carefully to my unique needs and hopes, Carolyn guided me to make decisions about the birthing process that I felt confident in. By the time I had reached full term, any of the worries I initially had subsided. I also had the privilege of taking a pre-natal course with Carolyn through which she helped prepare me emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually for the birthing process. I couldn’t imagine giving birth to my precious daughter without Carolyn’s presence. Her attuned (but not overbearing) support, encouragement and reassurance helped ground me, particularly when I felt I couldn’t continue on. From the excitement of early contractions, to the overwhelming sensations during transition and the intensity of pushing, I felt safe in Carolyn’s care. I’m most grateful that Carolyn was able to help me have the magical home birth I had hoped for. Thank you!” – Kelsey

With the upcoming arrival of our first born, nerves were running high for both myself and my husband. Amidst our own nerves and chaos, Carolyn had an incredibly calming and steady presence. She was both extremely professional and competent in her work, while simultaneously remaining personable and approachable. It was evident that her heart was in her work – that she cared for us from a genuine place within. She had an ability to hold, honour, and reflect the sacredness of this birth experience for all of us – mom, dad and baby. She became like family over this process and we are so thankful for the part she played in our beautiful son’s birth story! – Breanna 

I have had three different midwife experiences. My experience with Carolyn was by far the most holistic. Through her compassionate, curious, and gentle care, I felt I could be fully me. This was very important for me as I had previously experienced two perinatal losses. I didn’t want to pretend that I was fine every visit. She allowed my fears to be named and heard while at the same time providing reassurance and support, empowering me to trust my body and its strength. I would highly recommend Carolyn if you are looking for a midwife experience that will allow you to own your personal journey in the crazy, powerful, and wonderful mystery that is birth. – Julia

I have known Carolyn since 2015 when I was pregnant with our first born son. I was nervous and completely naive of the journey I was headed into. From day one she made me feel heard and respected. As it was my first child, I asked A LOT of questions which I’m sure she gets all the time but she never showed me impatience. She was always professional but had tenderness and compassion at the same time. She got excited with us when we heard his heartbeat for the first time and celebrated with us when we found out we were having a boy. Her genuine passion for her clients emotional journey to parenthood is evident. She cared deeply about my emotional journey, as much or more then the “technical” side of pregnancy and delivery. I ended up having to have a c-section and I’ll never forget the comfort she showed us and her genuine concern for my emotional well being when we were given that news. She made the whole room disappear when she looked directly in my eyes and said “how are you feeling?” I’ll never forget that moment. Her care for my well being went all the way through our post partum visits. In 2017 we welcomed our daughter. I had made the decision to have a scheduled c-section. Carolyn fully respected my decision but allowed me space to wrestle with that decision with her and discuss all aspects of it so that I would have no regrets and feel informed. Once again, I felt respected and cared for emotionally and physically. I would whole heartedly recommend Carolyn to support you on your journey to parenthood. -Laura

We couldn’t recommend Carolyn as a midwife enough! Her straightforward, calm and careful manner is a huge asset to expectant parents during labor and delivery. You can just feel her committment to her profession in so many ways, also during pregnancy and prenatal appointments. As an example, when our 20 week ultrasound showed that our son was to be born with a cleft lip and palate, we were given this news in a factual but positive and loving way. Carolyn went the extra mile for us by doing research and arranging appointments… as well as making sure the birth was as stress-free and uncomplicated as possible (we went home the next day!) His birth is a very good memory and I credit much of that to Carolyn – so grateful. – Jill 

We feel so privileged and fortunate having had Carolyn’s warm and professional support through a series of childbirth classes and two home-births over the past 5 years. Quite honestly her gentle approach and extensive knowledge-base make her such a wonderful midwife. Her calming and confident presence were such a gift during some of the more intense or otherwise anxious aspects of our childbirth journey. At the same time, her ability to cite statistics from current research was so reassuring and helpful when we needed to make important decisions and wanted to ground our choice in sound evidence. We feel so lucky to call Carolyn our midwife and friend and would’t think twice about recommending her to our closest friends and family (two of our sisters have now been supported through their births as well). – Benny and Jolene 

Throughout my entire pregnancy and aftercare with Carolyn I felt so much gratitude to have her alongside us. Her knowledge and encouragement were just what I needed each step of the way. Thankful to have had a successful VBAC and feel very strongly that it was the result of the support she could provide throughout the entire pregnancy and birthing process. – Codi Lynn at Creative Wife and Joyful Worker

I have had Carolyn as my midwife for the birth of both my sweet kiddos. I have a 3 year old boy and a 5 year old girl. I am only 23 at the moment. I was very young at the time of my first baby and was therefore very nervous and scared.Throughout both pregnancies Carolyn offered none stop advice, care, guidance, and support. In every visit she would take her time to talk with me about any concerns or questions I had and of course always made sure baby was healthy. Some of our visits I felt like I would go on and on about irrational and endless questions but she always took her time, never rushed me, and I always left feeling happy and safe. I had both births at home. She came to my home before my due date to see if I had everything I needed so everything went smoothly. She also came to my home to do check ups after both kids were born which made life so much easier with a new baby. Carolyn provided me with everything I could need, even help with breastfeeding and after care. Down the road when I am ready for baby number three, she will definitely be called. If I was to recommend anyone out there to attend your child’s sacred arrival to this world I would say Carolyn Hostinsky.  – Sydney

When I was pregnant with my first child, a friend of mine recommended midwifery to me and I found Carolyn through Google!
I was so blessed to have Carolyn as my midwife. My mom had passed away just a year before my pregnancy and I had never witnessed a birth.  I had a lot of questions and I found Carolyn to be so understanding, genuinely caring and knowledgeable! Like a friend. Sure, I feared the pain of labour and birth, but I found it easy to trust that Carolyn would guide me through it. She is a ‘take (gentle) charge’ (when necessary) type of person and I appreciated that, especially while in labour! I also really appreciated the home visits/ checkups after my babies were born.
When I found out I was pregnant again, I was so grateful that Carolyn could take me on again as her client. I have been recommending midwifery to every pregnant woman I know, and would absolutely recommend Carolyn!
I would also recommend her prenatal course for first time parents, very helpful to feel informed and prepared for your birthing experience!  -Kaleigh
I was fortunate enough to have Carolyn on my care team when I was pregnant with my third and fourth babies. Throughout the time I spent with Carolyn she provided me with the best care I could have asked for. She supported me during my pregnancies in a professional and informative manner, with utmost respect. My desires regarding how I wanted my pregnancy and birth to be handled were deeply considered and fulfilled to the extent of Carolyn’s abilities. Carolyn was the first call I made when I saw two pink lines with my fourth baby. I knew that if I wanted a caring and passionate health-care professional I needed to have her by my side-and I’m SO glad she was.
– Sam at Modern Day Hippie Mama, and Little Adventures. 

In my work as a birth doula, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Carolyn over the past several years. I’ve found Caroyn’s care for her clients to be wholesome and grounded. With Carolyn’s resounding strength of presence I’ve appreciated her midwifery skills, knowledge, and approach. Carolyn is clear, emphatic, a lovely gardener, appreciated member of the community, and whole heartedly, a midwife who cares for women. –Miranda Chiasson 

Thank you for taking such good care of me Carolyn. You are an awesome midwife, who really took the extra time to help me feel supported. I felt that you were caring and relaxed, yet also confident in the delivery room, which really helped me! – Elina

Thank you so much once again for your support and encouragement during my pregnancy and birth of our daughter Meadow Rose. Thank you for going above and beyond  to make me feel comfortable and offering to do extra home visits. Thank you for always making me feel so empowered to trust my body and make decisions. I love that you were able to be a part of the birth story for all three of our children. I am especially grateful you spent the night at your house and were able to deliver Meadow safely. Thank you for everything you have done. I feel blessed to have had you as a midwife. Thank you for another wonderful birth experience. – Melody