How To Reach Your Midwife

For urgent concerns, please call our clinic number to access the number of the midwife on call.
Our clinic number is:  604-799-7573
• Please leave a message on our clinic answering machine and we will get back to you during our
regular clinic days or email us at
• For non- pregnancy related concerns or conditions please call your family doctor.
• Please call the answering service. You will talk to a live person who will forward your call to the appropriate person.
• Please respect that calls between 9pm-9am are welcome if they are for urgent concerns only.
• If you don’t get a response from your midwife within ten minutes, please call again. Sometimes we are busy with another client, in clinic, or there is a signal failure.
• Although highly unlikely, if there is still no response, please call either ARH Maternity Unit @ 604-851-4817 or CGH Maternity Unit @ 604-795-4107,  for urgent help.
• Examples of urgent calls (but not limited to):
◦ You think you are in active labour.
◦ You are GBS positive and your waters have broken.
◦ Your waters have broken and the color is not clear.
◦ You have vaginal bleeding.
◦ You are concerned about your baby’s movements following a timed kick count.
◦ You have been injured.
Daytime (between 9am & 5pm):
• If you think you may be in labour, you are welcome to call the midwife on call. A heads-up call during
the day can be helpful so that we can arrange our day to ensure we are rested and ready when you need us later.
Night time (between 5pm & 9am):
• If you know you are in active labour and/or need a midwife urgently, call us anytime!
• If you do not need a midwife urgently, please wait until morning.  Babies love to be born at night and we greatly appreciate any chance to rest so that we are fresh and able to work well throughout your labour.